We can help with your personal taxes. Here is a small list of our personal tax services.

– Income from employers,  salary and wages
– Income from retirement
– IRA distributions
–  tips and  commission
– business income
–  dividends
–  rent
– alimony
– capital gains
– IRA distributions
– Income from Social Security when total income exceeds set limits

What deductions should be considered?  This list contains some more common deductions and is by no means complete.

Deductions can be either standard or itemized. The following are among the most common.
– college tuition and interest from a student loan
– cost of medical/dental services
– mortgage interest, points, and property tax
– second home
– rental property
– casualty loss
– theft
– allowed state taxes
– charitable donations
– expenses for a home office

What tax credits are available?

Tax credits change every year. Some common credits include:
– earned income credit
– first-time home-buyer credit
– child care, dependent care credits
– adoption credits
– Hope credit
– Lifetime Learning credit
– elderly or disabled credits
– credits for retirement contributions.

If the following questions apply to you, email, call us, or set up an appointment on our calendar to discuss your situation.

What if I can’t file by April 15?
What if I don’t file a tax return?
Why would the IRS audit my return?
Can tax debt be paid on an installment plan?
How can I settle a tax debt with the IRS?
Does bankruptcy eliminate tax debt?