We can help with your small business tax filings.  Here is a small list of business tax services we provide:

Forms of Small Business and Income Taxes

  – Schedule C for a sole proprietorship or single member LLC
  – Form 1120 if incorporated. This can also apply to some LLCs.
  – Quarterly Estimated Tax for self-employed or independent contractors
  – Self-employment Tax for Social Security and Medicare
  – Employment and Payroll Taxes when applicable

Business Tax Deductions

The following business expenses are generally deductible (this is by no means a complete list):

– Office rental (or home office)
– Employee compensation
– Travel
– Business supplies
– Bad debts
– Business tax audits

You should retain business documents and records for several years, including:

 – Checks and bank statements
 – Online records
 – Calendars and appointment books
 – Other related materials